CITY Visual Systems are experts in Vision Screening.  Their first commercial computer program to screen the vision of computer users was released in 1991. And by 1992 many blue chip companies had adopted the system.  Over the years the Vision Screening systems have been extended and enhanced to include systems for school children, drivers and for pre-employment screening. The system has also been used to screen the vision of radar and air traffic control operators within various defense organisations. 

Today, our systems have been used around the world, from the USA to China and our customer base includes various types of employers, government organisations, schools and hospitals and research establishments.

Here is a thought - is 20/20  perfect vision ?  You may be surprised.

Screening for:

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The Rt Hon. Baroness Boothroyd using the Vision Screener at the launch of the GuideDogs for the Blind Associations One Vision - Healthy Eyes campaign held at the House of Commons and Portcullis House.

How easy is it to recognise road signs and directions?

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